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lolita_auctions's Journal

Lolita Fashion Auctions
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This community is for lovers of Lolita Fashion who wish to share information or links to Japanese auction sites such as Yahoo! Japan auctions and mBok. Users are free to post links to their own auctions or request help searching for certain items as long as they abide by the rules.

- Do not post a link to an auction with bids from well-known shopping services such as celga/rinkya/mai/crescent.
- Any posts using excessive images must be placed under a Livejournal cut.
- Before posting a question check our memories section or use the search function to see if your question has been answered before.
- All posts but be somehow related to Lolita fashion.
- No excessive re-porting of your own auctions. You may post your auction when it starts and once again before it finishes.

Please note, lolita_auctions is not responsible for any transactions that transpire as a result of this community and are not liable if problems occur.